AVT Audio Visual Telecommunications Corporation is a technology research and development company that holds several key patents in cellular and data communications.

AVT holds patents in the United States of America and other key countries for its inventions:

  • Dual-Streaming Video provides highly-reliable, low-latency video service.
  • The Multiphone™, a multi-functional portable video cellphone capable of interactive visual and audio communications with another similar device.
  • VideoCrunch, an integrated solution for high-performance real-time video encoding and decoding.

The relevant patents are listed on the corresponding pages under the Technologies menu, above.

Recent Headlines

January 4, 2016
The company signed a contract with In the Black Solutions in Toronto, Ontario. ITB has 25 years experience in successfully taking companies public.

November 30, 2015
Law suits filed against 18 key smart phone manufactures for infringing its Multiphone patents.