Multiphone™ – Patented Handheld Cellphone with Video

In 1995, Garry Robb, the founder of AVT™ Audio Visual Telecommunications Corporation (AVT), conceived and developed the concept of a multi-functional portable cellphone, which he named the Multiphone™. This futuristic device was capable of interactive visual and audio communications with another similar device.

An integrated front-facing camera is used to capture images of the user while the user is viewing the display and speaking into the Multiphone™, thereby enabling wireless video teleconferencing. A second, rear-facing lens allows a camera to capture still or moving images, as with today’s smartphones.

In concert with the Multiphone™, AVT developed its versatile, patented VideoCrunch technology, which could be incorporated as the video engine for the Multiphone™.

AVT’s Multiphone™ invention is protected by the following patents: US 6,177,950; Canada 2,243,244; Japan 9-525550; and China 97191724.8.