VideoCrunch Microchip Design

ARM-Based MPEG-4 Codec Chip Designed by AVT Engineers

Our ASIC engineers won the National Prize in South Korea for the best hard-wired video decoder invention. AVT’s engineer Yoan Sohn designed a very low power ASIC ‘microchip’ in-house with the participation of South Korea’s Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). This microchip design utilises an ARM core processor and is a hardware implementation of our unique AVT algorithms and design. The design is protected by 11 patents, 4 of which are Internationally recognised.

This area-efficient design is being made available as a VHDL core that can be incorporated as the video engine for virtually any low-power device.

AVT’s original VideoCrunch® Implementation is a single-chip processor that can be used in wireless and low-power devices from handheld phones to toys.

VideoCrunch® Specifications


  • Encoder/decoder: fully duplicate structure
  • Video input/output format: CCIR 601/656 YUV 4:2:2
  • Video input/output dimensions: YUV 4:2:2 and SQCIF, QCIF, CIF
  • Motion estimation and compensation: fast search and half-pixel accuracy
  • Operating speed: maximum 30 QCIF frames/second at 50 MHz. Scales with clock speed
  • Gate count: approx. 185,000 gates


  • Videoconferencing
  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Surveillance and remote monitoring
  • Tele-medicine
  • Remote education and training
  • Toys